tell me if this is funny; i can’t bother wondering on my own.

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Mind control.

If you all are like me, then it’s a subject you think about a lot.

But you might not all be like me.

So if you’re not interested skip this.

You’re reading? Nice.


Mind control. A subject we (me, myself, and I) think about a lot… doesn’t we?

It’s a creepy idea, isn’t it? (1)Nothing bad, says They, things are just a bit… people are just a bit… easier to manage.

And if we need to, we can take it away. But most of the time we don’t.

The book Uglies by Scott Westerfield operates on that premise, as do its sequels, I think, among other premises*.

Or, (says They)(2) we’ll just let them believe what they want to believe… they do that anyway, so what harm could it cause?

(do you see how They think yet? can you imagine? total disregard for those under you, because you’re sure you know better… )

And if they start thinking, or if they’re too old, or they are just in the way… we just say they went away. (Premise of the Giver by Lois Lowry)

Just a little cut, then… you think the way you’re “supposed” to think, and everything’s just ever so nice. (similar to something from the Golden Compass or Northern Lights by Philip Pullman**)

(I have no idea how some people manage to write whole books on this subject. this is giving me the creeps.)

But, but, but. Is it even possible? I mean, sure neuroscientists say this and that and that other are just around the corner but it just takes a little “oops” and you’re messed up forever. A vegetable.

How could They, the authorities or the goverment or whatever, whoever, they are, do that?

Seems to me quite easilly.

*Upcoming sequel: liking what you see

**I’m finding great examples in books I’ve read. You should read them. Then I’ll be able to talk at you (who ever you are) about them and you won’t be completelly clueless.


you mean the [insert country here] goverment/my freaky [insert relative here] ISN’T hiding an alien?

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I think I can safely assume that most of you (assuming, as always, we has a readership) know the theory that some goverment is hiding an alien – and in the E. B. E. sense, not the illegal sense. It is usually applied to the USA goberment in my experience however, so you might not know it. Oh well. It’s basically that the goverment is hiding an E. B. E. (extraterrestrial biologial entity), usually left over from the Roswell incident. At the rate it’s going around, there must’ve been a ton of aliens there, because there seems to be plenty to go around.

So now, probably, you’re wondering why I’m covering something that, presumably, many many people know.

Lack of inspiration, my friends, lack of inspiration!!

And also this is the grounding for speculations about aliens in general and the fact that one of ze grownups around says she saw a UFO. Except it might not’ve been moving… or so says our resident astronomer skeptic.

So now you’ve got a basic scoop on Roswell.

What do I think about the thingies? Ooh I’m so flattered you asked. Well, okay, you didn’t, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

I think it’s a bit unlikely they were able to sustain the E. B. E. for long, since it’s very likely the E. B. E. was very different than any known life forms, and so its natural habitat, which would’ve supported it nicely, would be nearly impossible to reproduce.

Oh, and also? I just thought it would be funny if it was the equivalent of a chicken or something that they sent to make sure it was safe.

I think it’s rather likely that they killed it, if it indeed exists.

But that’s just me.

I don’t have any data on your freaky relative, though. Sorry.

a little something to belive in

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Some people “waste” their time by imagining a rabbit/cat hybrid.

Other people get off their butts and make a prototype.

Reportedly, no animals were harmed in the making of this photomerge. But how can we know?

reservior of tomato soup

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Yep .. Got the reference, but how do you know it’s up? How do we know which way UP the world is in space… in fact is there any UP or DOWN in space? Or is the world even round or is it a conspiracy to keep us from finding out the truth?

Amazing what a couple little sentences can inspire. Including this web log of strange phenomena, stranger theories, and monkeys found in the friggo of god.*

Are there any things so strange as to be rejected from the x-files? What exactly is that – thing your cat dragged in? How does it all pertain to your life and why should you be very, very afraid of most major governments?

Spawned from the hectic mind of someone who is being introduced to the x-files in years before mundane stuff crowds out what she considers common sense, this web-log will try to give you her opinions complete with her bias, and hers alone. You can’t expect me to be unbiased, can you? I can’t do that.

This blog is a levee made against the flood of misinformation and mundane stuff. It is a reservoir of tomato soup for the adolescent’s soul who is writing this, when mundane stuff and the inevitable try to crowd out her voice. This is a desperate attempt, complete with drama, to get my point of view across.

This is, as close as I can get it, the Truth.

*Not meant to be offensive, but though the friggo joke may be dead and rotting for all I care, I love it.